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Book One:

The Rosary


In which we followed The Columbine, untethered by time, through her multiple iterations  *  We learned something of the Saint and of the Schism  *  We discovered a society of individuals who exist precariously at great cost to themselves and others  *  As such, we saved the city, and hoped that this was the correct course of action 

Her Things: An Interactive Estate Sale

March & August 2014


I regret to inform you Willa Ballard is dead.


But you can solve the mystery that was her life.


Her Things is an immersive theater and art piece—a live video game, really. Participants are invited to rifle through the objects and papers of "Poor Willa," a recently deceased turn-of-the-century recluse, to discover her story and more about her fate. Participants are allowed to fully explore the space, touch and read artifacts in search of clues, interact with actors, as well as bid on certain objects by sharing their own memories as currency.

Everything Must Go.

Professor Eldritch's Asylum for Uncanny and Extraordinary Women

*​a joint project through Devious Maid Productions

February-March 2015



In your city, perhaps in your very neighborhood, is a house.  Perhaps you pass by it every day.  


But this is no ordinary domicile.  It exists outside of time and space. Its tenants have been plucked from of history, trapped here for some unknown purpose.  And they are getting restless...


The Asylum is a site-specific work taking up residence at an undisclosed location somewhere in Pittsburgh.  Small, intimate audiences will be invited to spend the evening observing its occupants -- seven real-life characters from history, women of a duplicitous nature who gambled against their society and lost.  


Why are they trapped here?  Is it for their protection... or for yours?  The answers lie within.  


July - August  2015


Welcome to MINGLED, Pittsburgh's most exclusive speed-dating event.  You are no doubt here by special invitation.  Feel free to grab a cocktail.  


Tonight you will meet a host of other invitees.  Perhaps you share similar interests, perhaps you share a unique past.  But trust that you are all here for a reason. Without coincidence, there is no story.  


In this experimental, micro-theater experience, audience members will assume the role of speed-daters as they uncover hidden connections and add their own stories to the mix. Don't be shy. Ask those questions you've always wanted to ask a stranger. You may find out they are no stranger after all.  


Are you ready to make a connection?


December 2015


There are conversations all around you to which you are not privy.  As the darkening December embarks on its yearly march towards Winter, let us shed light upon one of them.   


Pittsburgh will become a living Advent calendar. Everyday between December 1st-24th, a new Christmas card will be hidden. Outright directions or cryptic clues will be emailed to you each morning.  


We ask only that you do not remove cards from their hiding space.  Each card will have numerous readers before they reach their rightful owners. 


May-June 2016

Welcome to Maat Investigations

You have an appointment with an investigator. He's late. His secretary seems distracted. His office is in shambles.


Maybe you start poking around. But be warned... your visit with him may uncover more mysteries than it solves. What you will find in his office may launch you into an on-going expedition into a deep Pittsburgh mystery. 

Serpentine is a film-noir style Alternate Reality Game that examines a true Pittsburgh cold case. Be prepared to travel to different Pittsburgh locales in search of clues, meet up with different characters, collaborate with fellow participants, and influence an unfolding month-long story whose conclusion will be based on your discoveries. 

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